Summer Camps

Week 1: May 22 - May 26 - Circus Science

Learn how to perform amazing stunts like tightrope walking. Explore the live of clowns and how science and art combine to create awesome circus fun!

Week 2: May 30 - June 2 - Creepy, Crawly Critters

Meet real insects, including a tarantula and hissing cockroaches, learn why scorpions glow in the dark and create the perfect home for an insect pet!

Week 3: June 5 - June 9 - Home Town Heroes

Meet local heroes from around Lexington, including Big L from the Lexington Legends, veterinarians from Banfield Pet Hospital and learn about the live of the police officers and firefighters that protect us every day!

Week 4: June 12 - June 16 - Grossology

Learn about how the human body works, how every day household items can create fun chemical messes and more as we conduct "Gross" experiments in this week's camp!

Week 5: June 19 - June 23 - Sail the Seven Seas

Ever wanted to talk like a pirate, walk the plank or learn about ocean life? Then this is for you! Explore life on (and below) the high seas!

Week 6: June 26 June 30 - Myth Busters

Does hiding in the bathtub during a tornado REALLY work? Conduct experiments to test myths we've all heard of!

Week 7: July 5 - July 7 - Explorium Olympics

Explore historic and modern sports and even invent you own during this athletic-themed camp!

Week 8: July 10 - July 14 - Around the World

Travel around the globe in just a few days! We will learn all about other cultures and countries as we jet around earth!

Week 9: July 17 - July 21 - Build, Build, Build!

Perfect for your future engineers or architects! This camp will focus on building strong and stable structures. Test out buildings on an earthquake table and learn about the keys to constructing a successful bridge!

Week 10: July 24 - July 28 - Weird and Wonderful Wilderness

Explore nature without ever leaving the museum! We will examine real life insects and animals, construct "emergency" structures and discover the world around us!

Week 11: July 31 - August 4 - Fancy Fossils

Dig up some Dino bones with us and explore what life was like when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

Week 12: August 7 - August 11 - Sneaky Sleuthing

Brush up on your fingerprint and clue finding skills as we learn what it takes to be a life crime stopper!

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School Day Out Camps

October 6 & 7 - Gargantuan Galaxies - Zoom through the solar system, walk on the moon, create your own "space goo", and learn about the stars and planets!

November 8 - Wacky Wilderness - Do you love the outdoors? Join us as we learn camping skills, play fun games, and even practice our suction cup archery skills!

November 23 & 25 - Ahoy, Mateys! - Captain Blackbeard needs merry pirates to join him for a day of pirate adventures. Spend a day on the high seas learning about pirate life and playing fun games!

December 19-23 - Determined Detective - There's been a robbery at the Museum! Join us in catching the crook, making police badges, and learning how to be a real detective.

December 26-30 - Mysterious Magic - Have you ever wanted to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Do you want to amaze parents and friends with fun magic tricks? Join us as we show you how! You're sure to amaze everyone!

January 16 - Bugs Galore - Ever wonder how a spider walks on its web without getting stuck? In this camp, we'll show you, and meet a real, live tarantula. We'll also make fun insect crafts and even create your own butterfly feeder. Its' a day of buggy fun!

February 20 - Engineering Einsteins - Use a hardhat as we build bridges, design houses, and learn how to be the best engineers around!

March 17 - Wild, Wild, West - Saddle up, partner! Take a ride back in time to the dusty streets of the old West! Along the way, see what fun games you play and crafts you can make.

April 3-7 - Explosive Chemistry - Will mom and dad not let you cause explosions in your house? Don't worry; that's what this week is all about! Mix chemicals and learn some fun (and safe) science with us.

Snow Day Camps

Snow day camps – on most days that Fayette County closes for snow days, the Explorium will be open 8:30-5:30 for snow day camp. No prior registration is necessary. Check our FaceBook page to make sure that we are open.


  • Full Day: $50/$45 members
  • Half Day: $25/$22.50 members
  • Weeklong Full Day: $225/$205 members
  • Weeklong Half Day: $115.00/$105.00 members
  • Snow Day Full Day: $40
  • Snow Day Half Day: $20

Policies and Information:

  • All camps are open for full or half day (AM or PM) options.
  • Camps (except for snow day) run from 8AM-5:30PM with AM half day 8AM-12:30PM and PM half day 1PM-5:30PM
  • Snow day camps are 8:30am - 5:30pm with half day options availble.
  • All campers must be able to use the bathroom independently
  • Snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon. Full day campers must bring their lunch.
  • Early arrival or late pick up times are available for $5 per half hour with earliest drop off at 7:30 AM and latest pick up 6:00PM.

Click here to register or call us at 859-258-3253 for more information.

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