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    Explorium of Lexington

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    Fun for all ages

    focusing on enhancing growth
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    Interactive exhibits

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    Exciting fun for your kids

    focusing on enhancing growth

The Explorium is closed due to the coronavirus.

Make a Catapult


Popsicle sticks

Rubber bands

Bottle cap


Stuff to catapult!

Make a stack of at least three popsicle sticks. Put a rubber band around the ends of the sticks to secure them as a stack. Put one popsicle stick on top of the stack and secure it to the stack (see the rubber band placement in the picture). Place another popsicle stick underneath the stack of three. Secure the ends of the stick on the bottom and top together with a rubber band. Glue a bottle cap to the free end of the top stick. Now, place what you want to launch in the cap. Push it down and let go! Gather different items to launch....you could use a pom pom ball, a wad of paper, a bean. How does the length of the launch differ with the different items? Does it matter how many sticks you use in the initial stack of sticks? Be careful how you aim your catapult! Have fun.

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule to remember this crazy time. What did you do to keep busy? Did your family play games, make art, learn a new language or to play an instrument, learn to cook, watch a fun movie? What do you want to remember about this time in 10 years?

Sunday Lego Challenge

Make something that represents Spring

Welcome to the Explorium of Lexington

Children’s Museums are the fastest growing type of museum in the country and are unique among museums for the large number of interactive exhibits and educational programming presented to visitors. Visitors engage in hands-on experiences that inspire a curiosity for learning.

In 1987, a group of inspired citizens presented the idea of a children’s museum to Lexington Mayor Scotty Baesler and future Mayor Pam Miller. With the assistance of Lord Cultural Resources, a consulting firm in Toronto, the city began serious planning for the Lexington Children’s Museum. The site selection committee considered several sites and chose the current location in Victorian Square. Since first opening its doors in 1990 the Museum has hosted over three million visitors.

Our Partners

Explorium of Lexington is a not-for-profit organization, 501(c)3 and is funded in part by:

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