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    Fun for all ages

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    Exciting fun for your kids

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The Explorium is reopening!

We will be open for camp on weekdays and to visitors on the weekends.

Visit the Explorium

Beginning July 11, 2020 by Advance Reservations ONLY

The Explorium will be open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays by advance reservation only. Visitors will register for time slots (either 10-1 or 2-5 on Saturdays, or 1-4 on Sundays). Adults will be required to wear a mask. For tickets, hit register, then events, and then select your date and time of visit. Your receipt will serve as your tickets. For more information on new safety procedures click here.

Camp at the Explorium

Beginning July 6, 2020

Camp will be limited to 20 people and we will only be offering weeklong, full day options. Campers will be divided into two groups of 10 and will be in two rooms to ensure distance between campers. Campers must at least 6 years old or have finished Kindergarten. For more information, check out the camp tab at the bottom of the page. To register, hit the register button at the top of the page and then select events. For more information on camper safety, click here.

Virtual Camps

The Explorium has moved their summer camp program to a virtual camp.

There are two options for camps: week-long which includes 3 activities a day Monday - Thursday, daily puzzles, an instructional workbook, ALL disposable materials, daily exercise videos, and daily introductory vidoes. On Friday, there is a live ZOOM gathering for children to share what they have created.

The mini-camp is 4 activities, ALL disposable materials, and an instruction booklet.

Click on our camp tab at the bottom of the page to find out pricing and themes.

Balance Sculpture

Beauty and balance are the key to this sculpture!



Beads (optional)

Craft paint

Paper-towel tube

5-inch square piece of cardboard

Hot glue gun


Pipe Cleaners

12-inch bamboo skewer with sharp ends cut off

Tape (optional)


1. Cut the cardboard into various shapes and sizes. Paint it.

2. Paint the paper-towel tube and square piece of cardboard. Let dry.

3. Flatten one end of the paper-towel tube; staple closed. Cut a small V-shaped notch in the center of the flattened end. This will be the fulcrum.*

3. Glue the open end of the paper-towel tube to the cardboard square. Let dry.

4. Thread cardboard shapes, pipe cleaner, and beads onto a long skewer, balancing and adjusting it on the notch. Continue adjusting, using tape if needed for security, until sculpture is balanced.

Activity idea from Parents Magazine

*Fulcrum - the point at which a bar, or something that is balancing, is supported or balances. – Cambridge Dictionary

Welcome to the Explorium of Lexington

Children’s Museums are the fastest growing type of museum in the country and are unique among museums for the large number of interactive exhibits and educational programming presented to visitors. Visitors engage in hands-on experiences that inspire a curiosity for learning.

In 1987, a group of inspired citizens presented the idea of a children’s museum to Lexington Mayor Scotty Baesler and future Mayor Pam Miller. With the assistance of Lord Cultural Resources, a consulting firm in Toronto, the city began serious planning for the Lexington Children’s Museum. The site selection committee considered several sites and chose the current location in Victorian Square. Since first opening its doors in 1990 the Museum has hosted over three million visitors.

Our Partners

Explorium of Lexington is a not-for-profit organization, 501(c)3 and is funded in part by:

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